Experimentation with animation

As part of my PhD research, I’m making a prototype for an interactive immersive installation. So for the first time in my life I’m experimenting with a game engine. I’m using Unity 3D which so far I’ve been enjoying.

So to make my environment I’m using Maya 2016. And the reason is I have used Maya many years ago and I was good at it. Yet somehow after all those years I’m finding it difficult and challenging to get back into it.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to animate Handala. Those of you familiar with the Palestinian Cause will surly recognize him. The main challenges in animating Handala is:

  1. He is a 2D character.
  2. We only know the back side of him.
  3.  I have to use Maya because the rest of my environment is 3D. Animating 2D in 3D software is not something new. In fact Maya is used to create South Park.
  4. Finding good and free tutorials on how to do this is limited.

So after much searching and experimenting this morning I finally managed to finish creating this walk cycle.

It is still glitchy and rough. But for the time-being it will do.

So next task. Build my environment. Architect hat back on.



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