This project was part of my postgrad study. We were asked to design a fragment of a game that should be glitchy and is around the main notion we are working around which was a syncity. A secret pirate game syndicate in Edinburgh that we were able to tune into them. The game fragment was the end series of 3 other moves.

In my game I wanted to play around the basic shapes and their meanings in Islamic art. So I started with the circle which is related to the ideas of origin, unity, oneness. Also the circle resonates with the tawaf [circling Kaaba] and the sufi dervishes. Hence came the twirling motions of the first level.

In the second level I used the triangle which is a symbol of the three knowledge elements: the known, the knower and the act of knowing. Thus the player has to figure out the card that would complete the sequence of the already known three cards.

In the third level I used the square which is a symbol of the physical world. So I hid some clues between 3D volumes that the player has to move around thus interacting with the physical world I created for him/her.

In the last level the player reaches the hexagon which is the symbol of heaven and that is the reward for finishing this segment of the game.

The game was designed using Macromedia Director and the scripting language of lingo. Both the software and language are no longer used.