:: Techno Me, Jordan, 2009

Techno Me is an art exhibition which included, interactive video installations, interactive application and a series of video arts.
Who am I? The twist in the answers to that basic question, since projected images, sounds and gestures took over our lives, is what this exhibition was trying to tackle.
This exhibition provides no answer or clear stand with/against technology. Rather it highlights the nature of the relationship between human and technology, whether through relationships, communities, communication, perception and art experimentation.
The exhibition consisted of the following:
:: [Me/City] an interactive video installation that highlights the collective impact of technology on people in urban settings. Using CCTV to capture people's movement in the gallery space leaving little choice to viewers to interact or not with the piece.
:: [Me/We] an interactive computer application that highlight the impact of the projected images of one self and how it can change the self perception.
:: A series of very short video art pieces :
me talk, me love, me reflect, me touch, me face, me win, me paint

The exhibition was held at Makan, Amman between 23rd- 26th March 2009