:: Teaching History:

= Lecturer, School of Architecture and Built Environment, German Jordanian University - Sept. 2008- Jan. 2011
I have taught the following courses: Basics of Design 1, Technical Graphics 1, Interior Architecture Design 1, Interior Construction Works 1, Communications Theory, Multimedia and Web, Web Design and Multimedia Software, Media Theory, Experimental Short Films, Photography; for first, second and third year students.

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= Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Design, Jordan University, Sept. 2006 - Sept. 2008
I have taught the following courses: 2D Design, 3D Design, Media Technology, Webpage Design, Computer Design 1, Computer Design 2, Digital Art and Installation; for second, third and fourth year students. I also have supervised Design students graduation projects for three years.

= Teacher Assistant, Faculty of Arts and Design, Jordan University, Sept. 2004 - Sept. 2005
I was assisting in teaching courses of Basic Design 1, Basic Design 2, 3D design and 2D design, These courses are first and second year level.

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:: Teaching Methodology:

= Exploration , Experimentation and Social consciousness.

= Exploration , Experimentation and Social consciousness.
These are the three main poles of my methodology. I pushed my students to explore their surroundings in different ways, help them gain better and alternative perspectives of their city and develop better social consciousness. These elements helped them produced more raw and strong concepts that later translated in their design solutions.

:: Case Study: Re: Amman
This was a whole term project for [Computer Design] course. The project was conducted in a game setting. The idea of the game was that there is a secret in Amman that the students were about to reveal. Students were divided into groups each taking an area of Amman and then set out collecting objects and clues that eventually led them to reveal the secret. The game was comprised from a series of missions that were given as the game proceeded. Each student and the instructors as well created new virtual identities that were used in the game; like an avatar. At the end of the game each student revealed the secret [s]he discovered using the software they learnt in the course.

:: Samples of my courses' outlines
= Communication Theory
= Multimedia and Web
= Media Theory
= Photography

= Creative use of digital media and social networks.

= Creative use of digital media and social networks.
Digital media offer a wide range of tools that the students were pushed, and taught to use in creative ways so that they deliver the concepts and ideas that the students articulated.
I had a special interest in making using of social networking as a method of extending the education experience beyond the classroom.

:: Case Study: Fusionists.
I created this network while teaching at the German Jordanian University, Design and Visual Communication dept.
In this network students uploaded their assignments, photos, videos and shared stuff from the web as well. In this way the learning experience extended from being a one way channel between the instructor and students into something more flexible and definitely multichannel.

:: Case Study: GJU Design Channel at Ikbis
I have created this channel for my students at the Design and Visual Communication Dept. to upload their work for public viewing and interaction.
For one of the assignments I created this video for them. And they had to reply back in video format. All videos were public for people to interact with students and for students to interact with one another.
Unfortunately the channel is no longer in active use since I left the University.

= Promoting debate and critical thinking.

= Promoting debate and critical thinking.
A main problem of the overly structured educational system in Jordan is the lack of free thinking and challenging the established rules and norms of the society.
I felt that I needed to break this fact by focusing on developing critical thinking amongst my students. I encouraged them to debate in my theoretical classes and voice their opinions freely. Subjects that are frowned upon to be discussed in any educational institution in Jordan are: religion, politics and sexuality. These subjects were frequently and openly discussed and tackled in my classes.

:: Samples of discussions:
= Discussion of McLuhan's book "The Medium is The Massage" reading sample 1
= Discussion of McLuhan's book "The Medium is The Massage" reading sample 2
= Commercials review
= Reel Bad Arabs
= Facebook, an action or a reaction?