I like to play with camera. I look for different angles, textures and patterns. Usually I have only a rough or no idea of what I'm going to shoot. I just allow my eyes to look through the lens of the camera and roll it from there.

I warn you! Most of the videos have no real meaning and mostly might be seen nonsensical.

:: Snap Out, 2007

I once gave my students of Design at the University of Jordan an assignment to create a video from pre-existing video footage that I took. They had to create a sequence to correspond to a concept they have in mind. This was a 2 hour studio assignment. To encourage the students I experimented and made a video as well.


:: And it rains, 2009

On a rainy day in Amman, Jordan. How different textures in nature receive the raindrops.


:: Someone lives here | ????? ???? ??? , 2011

This video was created out of pure experimentation with the environment around me. This piece don't deal with the metaphysics of the place or the inspirations of time. It doesn't deal with any imposed concepts about the layers of the human soul's needs to leave a mark in her mundane life.