My inspiration in photography with no doubt is my father. Since I can remember he always used his cameras with all his weird different lenses and gadgets. He took photographs of us all the time. He is a great photographer. His passion for photography captivated me as a child and he became my photography mentor as an adult.

When I first started with my digital photography I was against any post production done on my photos. But as of recently I began to experiment more with photo editing using Adobe Photoshop. Still I like to spend more time taking the photo than post editing it.

Currently I have a digital camera; Canon EOS 60D. I work with EFS 18-55 mm and EFS 55-250 mm. However I work with a wide range of FD lenses ?Dad?s heritage? too. To be able to use them on my DSLR I use a lens mount adaptor FD to EFS.

I sell my photographs at my etsy shop ?Shop Tajribi?. However if you like one of my photos that you see here and would like to purchase it please contact me so that I list it for you.

If you are interested in commissioning me please contact me or drop me an email at []